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  • A real-life Iceland saga that did not end well (Herald News)

  • Icelandic roots strong in Markland (The Weekly Press)




Pictures of some of the settlers and their descendents supplied by the families.

Brynjólfur Brynjólfson Bórunn Ólafsdóttir


Ólafur and Ida Kitzman


Ólafur and Ida


Marvin and Elmo

Elmo Stephen and Marvin Glenn

Emma and Grace W.

Grace and Emma Sylvia


Elmo Stephan Brynjolfson and Pearl Johnson's wedding picture, June 1, 1923

Ólafur and Ida Brynjolfson's home

in Willow City, N.D.

Daughters of Bjarni Sölvason and Kristín Jóhannsdóttir

Emily Margrét and maybe Ingibjörg Margrét or Guðrún

[ More photos here in Gallery II ]

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