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Markland Walk - International Trails Day

June 2007

On Saturday June 2nd, 2007, more than 40 devoted hikers, gathered at the cairn in Markland to celebrate trails and pay homage to those courageous Icelanders who once called this place home. Markland, tucked deep in the wilderness between Mooseland and Caribou Gold Mines, was an unforgiving piece of rocky land where, for seven years, Icelandic families struggled to build themselves a community. 
Foundations of their homesteads, the old school and church are passed on the two-hour walk to our lunch spot. The new green of the spring woodland, the sparkling brooks and the sound of the birds reminded us of just how beautiful and quiet this place really is. 
Also enjoying the walk were members of the Scandinavian Society of Nova Scotia, some Icelandic descendents and International Trails day coordinator, David Carter and his family. Back at Harley and Beverly Reddens camp, everyone enjoyed lunch while chatting around the campfire. Later the mandolin, fiddles, guitars and banjo were tuned up for an afternoon of music, singing and a few even had enough energy left for a little two-step. 

Kathy Didkowsky


updated June-05-12


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